4 Benefits of Washing Your Car

August 04, 2020 1 min read

Many people don't wash their cars because they don't see the value.

We're here to provide you a quick guide showing the benefits that come with washing your car.

4 Benefits of Washing Your Car

Benefit #1: Avoid Damage  - If you live in an area where mother nature gives you rain, snow, mud, or dirt, it is essential to wash your car on a regular basis. Many people neglect the negative impacts these elements have on their cars.

For example, after a snowstorm, the roads are usually covered with salt and the salt can be attached to the car's undercarriage. If the salt is not washed off in time, it could lead to corrosion and result in more expensive repairs.

Benefit #2: Safer to Drive- Having clear visibility while driving is absolutely critical. This requires having a clean windshield and mirrors.  Over time windshield and mirrors get covered up with bugs, pollen, dust, etc. Failure to clean windshield and mirrors could significantly affect visibility and safety while driving.

Benefit #3: Fuel Efficiency - Dirt buildup can increase the drag on your car. Drag is resistance that goes up against the car while it's moving forward. More drag causes your car to work even harder and result in poor fuel efficiency. Washing your car will reduce the drag and improve fuel efficiency.

Benefit #4: Resale Value- The better you wash and clean your car, the easier it will be in the future to sell or trade the car. Having a well-maintained car will attract more buyers and result in better offers.