APS Advanced Clay Packages

Decontamination taken to the next level.

APS Advanced Clay Pad provides comfort, control, and durability. The claying process is more comfortable with the adjustable APS Handle, which fits nicely in your hand while allowing more control of the Clay Pad. Expect the Clay Pad to be in your detail arsenal for a very long time as it can decontaminate up to 30 cars. Also, if it's dropped on the floor, simply rinse off and keep claying.

     Product includes:

    • 1x 6" APS Advanced Clay Pad (fine)
    • 1x APS Advanced Clay Pad Handle

    APS Advanced Clay Pad uses rubber polymer technology to quickly remove both underlying and above surface contaminants. Common contaminants include, but not limited to, paint overspray, water spots, tree sap and light oxidation. 


    Key advantages of clay pad include:

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Can be rinsed off when dropped
    • Works faster
    • Lasts longer than traditional clay bar (up to 30 cars)

    Key advantages of clay pad handle include:

    • Gives you a handle on 6 inches pad
    • Literally works like a backing plate
    • Helps distribute the pressure over the pad evenly
    • Unparalleled control in tight spaces

     Product includes:

    • 1x 6" APS Advanced Clay Pad (fine)
    • 1x APS Advanced Clay Pad Handle

    How do you know when to replace the pad?

    You will notice when rubber polymer on the pad starts to thin out and get bald.

    What lubricant do you recommend?

    You can use a car shampoo/soap or no rinse wash & shine (ONR).

    How does this compare to a clay bar?

    Both are great tools for decontamination. One of the key advantages a clay pad offers over a clay bar is ease of use. It also covers a lot more surface in a shorter amount of time.

    Does the clay pad leave any buff marks?

    Avoid claying process when the car is dry. Always use a lubricant to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary scratches or buff marks.

    Will this remove the existing wax/sealant?

    Yes, this will remove most existing wax/sealant on your paint (excluding ceramic coating).

    How do I know if my paint is contaminated?

    A great tip is to put a plastic bag over your hand and glide your hand across your car’s surface. If you feel a sandy/grainy texture through the bag, it indicates that your car’s surface is contaminated. The goal is to remove as much of the sandy/grainy feeling as possible.

    Difficulty Level:


    1. Make sure to rinse off all loose dirt and wash your vehicle thoroughly, use only when vehicle surface is cool to touch.

    2. Fix the clay pad on the polishing machine or attach it to clay pad handle.

    3. Keep the working section lubricated with car shampoo or clay lubricant.

    4. Wet the clay pad and glide across surface in linear, overlapping motions.

    5. After the surface feels smooth to the touch, rinse off suds/soap residue and dry vehicle.

    6. Once the section is treated, repeat process until entire vehicle is complete.