APS Titanium Coating

The Ultimate Shine & Protection.

Engineered for top-tier shine and protection originally developed for commercial use on high end vehicles. APS Titanium Coating will enhance the color depth and gloss to show your car's true color while providing untouchable protection from harsh elements for up to 5 years.

Product Includes:

  • 1x APS Titanium Coating (30ml)
  • 1x Ceramic Coating Applicator Block
  • 4x Suede Clothes

 *Return/refund request will not be accepted when the package seal or shrinkwrap is broken or tampered with.

APS Titanium Coating is our top of the line Ceramic Coating formulated to fully showcase your car's true color depth and gloss. Titanium Dioxide is used as a catalyst to speed up and enhance the cross-link in molecules which results in increasing density and strength. With its hydrophobic properties at 115° water contact angle, not only will it give your car a stunning shine but will also protect your car paint for years to come. It is “The” ceramic coating you've been searching for.


Key advantages include:

  • Up to 5+ years of protection
  • 9H hardness
  • Ultra hydrophobic properties to fight against the harshest elements
  • World-Class color depth and color gloss
  • Improved durability, chemical resistance, dirt repellence and glossiness compared to a typical ceramic coating
  • 115° water contact angle
  • Low maintenance after applied
  • Self-cleaning properties

Product Includes:

  • 1X APS Titanium Coating
  • 1X Ceramic Coating Applicator Block
  • 4X Suede Cloths

Can I reuse the suede cloth?

No. After applying the ceramic coating, it will harden and crystallize on the suede cloth. Making it unusable. 

Can I use this on wrapped cars?

Yes, you can use this on wrapped cars (chrome, matte, etc). Keep in mind, it will add a sheen on matted color cars.

What's special about Titanium?

Having Titanium Dioxide in the formula will enhance the color depth and gloss, showing your car's true color. It also strengthen the ceramic coating bond more effectively to the car's painted surface. 

Will this work on my windows?

APS Titanium Coating was designed strictly for car's painted surface.

Do I need to do paint correction on my car before I apply?

We strongly recommend you do paint correction on your car before you apply.

Does it have an expiration date?

It has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in recommended temperature. 

Difficulty Level:



1. Thoroughly wash and dry car using a cleaning solution designed for automotive finishes.
2. Polish and degrease to remove dull, weathered, scratched and stained paint surface to achieve mirror like finish before applying liquid coating. We recommend using a surface pre prep to remove any existing polish/oil after the polishing stage.
3. Shake APS coating well before use. Wrap suede cloth around the applicator block on sponge side. Drag one line of APS coating down the suede cloth while wrapped on the applicator block. Spread evenly over a 2' X 2' section of the painted surface at a time in criss-cross motions until one panel is treated. Reapply coating on the suede cloth as needed.
4. When applied coating flashes (which could take up to 5 minutes depending on temperature and humidity), use clean and dry microfiber towel to lightly wipe away excessive coating on the car. Be sure to remove all residue before you move to the next panel.
5. Repeat the process panel by panel until car is fully coated and wiped off.
6. Replace the suede cloth around applicator block as needed. Avoid contact with water on coated surface for 24 hours and do not wash your vehicle for 7 days to allow coating to fully cure. 


 ** Ideal climate temperature for application would be above 50° **