Car Shampoo (Grape Scent)

Suds & Foam

APS Car Shampoo has high foaming capabilities that offer satisfying white sheet of suds and foam while applying. This lubricated shampoo effectively agitates dirt and grime from your car's surface. Washing your car will be a breeze, resulting in a fresh and clean look it deserves.

 Product includes:

  • 1X APS Car Shampoo (16fl.oz)

APS Car Shampoo is a liquid, high foaming, cleaning, and lubricating detergent that offers highly concentrated performance. Its formula allows you to gently remove dirt and grime on your car without stripping protective coating. APS Car Shampoo is excellent to use in foam gun application as well as bucket wash.


Key advantages include:

  • Safe for wrapped cars (Chrome, Matte, PPF)
  • Produces high foam
  • Great for pre-soak, helps loosen up dirt
  • Ultra lubrication to help reduce the chance of swirls
  • Gentle on all surfaces, including coated vehicles

 Product includes:

  • 1X APS Car Shampoo (16fl.oz)

Is the shampoo biodegradable?

Yes, APS Shampoo is biodegradable.

Whats the PH?

Straight from the bottle before dilution its slightly alkaline, but with proper dilution you can achieve a neutral PH (See directions for recommend dilution ratios)

Does this contain wax or any sealant?

No, APS Shampoo is simply car shampoo without added wax or sealant.

Can I use this on a ceramic coated car?

Yes, you can use this on ceramic coated cars.

Can I use this on wrapped cars?

Yes, you can use this on wrapped cars (chrome, matte, etc).

Difficulty Level:


1. Best practice is to wash your tires and wheels first and DO NOT use the same bucket of shampoo for wheels and car painted surfaces. 

2. Wash your car in top-to-bottom fashion and away from direct sunlight when surface is cool to touch. 

3. For best result, use a foam cannon to pre-soak your vehicle. Allow 30 seconds to 1 minute for the soap to agitate dirt and grime on surface.

4. After 30 seconds to 1 minute, rinse off the pre-soaked shampoo and proceed to bucket wash. Do not allow soapy water to dry on
vehicle surface. Frequent rinse may be required on warmer environment.

5. For bucket wash, pour 1 ounce of shampoo and mix with 3 gallons of water. For foam cannon application, use water to shampoo (20:1) dilution ratio.