Please read all steps before application

1. Wash your car out of direct sunlight.

2. While surface is wet, cool, and out of direct sunlight, shake bottle well and spray a light mist evenly across surface. Start with top section of vehicle and treat one section at a time.

3. For best results, dampen the included microfiber towel with water, and wipe the sprayed area. Ensure there is a sufficient amount of water on surface to properly activate APS Ceramic Spray.

4. Rinse off completed section. DO NOT let excessive ceramic spray dry on surface, as water spots may occur.

5. After one section is treated and rinsed off, repeat steps 2-4 for each section. After all sections are completed, dry vehicle. Allow 2 hours to cure.

***If your vehicle previously had wax/sealant applied, ensure you wash your car thoroughly before applying new coating. We also highly recommend using pre-coating surface cleaner to remove residual polishing oils and lubricants. If excessive residue is left untreated, the old wax/sealant buildup could inhibit the bond between the new coating and the car's surface resulting in hazy appearance. If you're unsure whether or not there's existing residue buildup on your vehicle, apply new coating in a small section to test. If it results in hazy appearance, the car most likely has excessive residue buildup. On rare occasions, a light buff with light polish content is required to remove old residue and finish it off with pre-coating surface cleaner before new coating.