FAQ- APS Ceramic Spray

How long will a 250ml bottle last?

The 8 oz bottle will generally be good for 3-5 midsize car applications.

How frequently should I apply APS Ceramic Spray?

Results may vary depending on envrionmental influences, frequency of carwash, and type of shampoo used. The coating usually lasts from 3 to 6 months. We recommend applying the product at least every 3-6 months to maintain the optimal protection.

If my vehicle had been previously coated with wax/sealant, how do I prep vehicle's surface before applying ANY ceramic spray or coating?

If your vehicle previously had wax/sealant applied, ensure you wash your car thoroughly before applying new coating. We also highly recommend using pre-coating surface cleaner to remove residual polishing oils and lubricants. If excessive residue is left untreated, the old wax/sealant buildup could inhibit the bond between the new coating and the car's surface resulting in hazy appearance. If you're unsure whether or not there's existing residue buildup on your vehicle, apply new coating in a small section to test. If it results in hazy appearance, the car most likely has excessive residue buildup. On rare occasions, a light buff with light polish content is required to remove old residue and finish it off with pre-coating surface cleaner before new coating.

How much APS Ceramic Spray should I apply on my vehicle?

For a midsize vehicle, a total of 175 sprays should be sufficient. A sample breakdown of sprays per section is as follows:

Hood: 24 Roof: 22 Trunk: 12
Front Bumper: 18 Rear Bumper: 18 Rear Doors: 18 (9 per side)
Front Fenders: 18 (9 per side) Front Doors: 18 (9 per side) Rear Quarter Panels: 26 (13 per side)

How do I clean/wash the car once APS ceramic Spray is applied?

After APS Ceramic Spray is applied, you can simply wash your car like you normally would. However, we do recommend using pH neutral car shampoo.

What can I do to extend longevity of the result?

For longer lasting result, vehicle's paint should be free of oxidation and surface contaminants before applying APS Ceramic Spray. Clay or polish finish first if needed.

Does APS Ceramic Spray only work on certain vehicle color?

APS Ceramic Product offers excellent result regardless of paint color. 

Does APS Ceramic Spray remove water spots currently on my vehicle?

APS Ceramic Spray is specially formulated to enhance your vehicles's appearance, which may reduce visibility of water spots.

What surfaces can I apply APS Ceramic Spray on?

You can use APS Ceramic Spray on all vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Boats, RVs, etc. and on all hard surfaces associated with the vehicle.   

Is the product non-toxic?

APS Ceramic Spray is non-toxic.

What is the difference between regular car wax and APS Ceramic Spray?

APS Ceramic Spray is SiO2 based coating that does not contain any wax while offering better protection, up to three times the durability vs regular car wax. The best part about our product is that it requires significantly less time to apply than regular car wax.

Are there any risk of creating scratches or swirls on the paint by using APS Ceramic Spray?

When product is properly applied using the included premium grade microfiber towel, the risk of creating scratches or swirls on the paint is very low to none.

Will APS Ceramic Spray remove swirl-like scratches on my car?

APS Ceramic Spray does not remove scratches. However, it hides and reduces appearances of some swirl-like scratches.